The story of the glass block

Glass BlockYes, I know this story sounds ridiculous — that I have an emotional attachment to a glass block — but here goes.

47 years ago,I lived with my Grandmother . She made a simple plant table out of two glass blocks and a painted piece of wood.

27 years ago, my Grandmother passed away. As family was gathered at her house, I noticed that the plant table had been removed and the two glass blocks were set aside. I asked to have them to someday do something with
them. When moving from NJ to MA, one of the glass blocks was broken so the remaining glass block became even more valuable to me. I wrapped it in a blanket and stored it in the back of my closet.

Approximately 15 years ago, I pulled the block out of my closet and decided I would just get a Dremel-type tool and cut out a hole in the top and make a terrarium. Many times, I tried to get the courage to do it but I was afraid I would break/crack the glass block so I just tucked it back out of the way.

Last year, finally decided to take the block to a glass company and ask them if they could cut a hole in it. This is where you come in 🙂 I brought the block to your company and met with a wonderful gentleman. I gave him a very short version of this story and he said he would try but could not guarantee that the block wouldn’t break/crack. I understood and asked him to try as there was little value to keeping the block in a closet for another 27 years.

I then received a call that the glass block was ready and it survived! Imagine my surprise when I arrived to pick it up and was given a note from the wonderful l gentleman that said “No Charge, Merry Christmas”.

I’m sure drilling a hole in a glass block is far from being one of the most exciting or important projects your company has ever worked on 🙂 but I am certainly one of your most satisfied customers! I am so very appreciative for the time you took to bring purpose back to my little glass block. I have included a picture of the finished terrarium . It’s beautiful and I couldn’t be happier!

Thank you to the wonderful gentleman (whose name I do not know) and to your company for bringing joy through your work and your kindness.